Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finnished pic

Clickety for Animation (BIG image)
In a spur of the moment I got a nice idea for a quickie-pic. So I started to doodle up the lineart, then went to bed, and today picked it up and finished the lineart. About here I realized this wasn't gonna be a quickie, and started to stream when I polished the lineart and started to colour.

Turned out better than I thought it would, but as I kept making it all in one go, there aren't any good wippies... I hope it was well documented enough through the stream :P

Total time taken: ~9h
Final piece:
 And it's not Grenth trying to choke her, he's giving her a back-rub as a payment for winning.

Might still complete the other Dwayna pic, but I feel pretty unmotivated.

Thank you for this Wintersday! Go out have fun now!


Sunday, December 26, 2010


Doing some more polishing on the pose and the rough, edited her foot and the fabric flaps. Soon I think I'll have to go with this though I'm not too happy.

The background is a mess, but it'll have to be. I'm really not good with those things, and I hope it'll put more focus on Dwayna if it's lineless.

Tried to get some crits at #ArtistTree on DeviantART, but nothing too rewarding yet...

Gonna sketch the items now.

Before after tweaking?

Clickety image to see animation.

So I've been working on the sketch some more and I've realized I have a thing for making some kind of Marvel/DC style right now when I'm trying to draw realistic. I think it looks better now, redrawing the base model too, but it still looks a bit off to me, and I'm realizing I've already spent about 3h on this sketch. 3h and all I managed to do was to make the face a bit better, whohooh...

Now I will have to do some vent art speedies to relieve my frustration of drawing so slowly >_<


So, I've been rethinking a bit, since the motive isn't going as I want it too, I've begun to draw on a new piece which still suits the title, but is an entirely different motive.

This is my current sketch:

She's supposed to throw herself at some wintersday items, holding a tonic. I know it's very messu and hard to see and she looks like she has her face in a denture from the movie "The dentist" but it's just my first rough.

I'm gonna work some more on all of her, trying to make her left leg at bit more visible.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First Session

This is almost embarrassing for me as I'm putting this up in a retrospect; I'm not happy at all with the eyes, which I drew twice and got caught in a very typical flaw of mine; I notice a detail and then emphasize it so much that I make it stand out unnaturally.

The biggest issue I had is the colouring, I used two different approaches; one where I tried to draw with colours and one where I tried making it in gray-scale. In the gray-scale version I tried to copy how I draw with a pencil, which is much harder than I thought it would be. Making the eyes lineless is harder than I thought and I'm a bit lost in the process of how or where to remove the sketch lines. Why I discarded the first pair I am a bit puzzled by when I compare them to each other since the first pair looks sooo much better that the second pair. But the reason I wasn't happy with them is because they are "too small" to fit the images in the eyes and I wasn't happy with with the realism; still looks to cartoonish and not lineless. I am comparing myself to Eastern Magic at the forum, she just draw such beautiful eyes! And it really triggers me to want to be able to draw/paint as nicely as she does. Maybe I need to start using Painter too? (but really, I think it's just a matter of pure awesome skills).

Regardless: I'm not happy with the eyes and I am gonna redraw them. Need to practice on eyes more first.

After giving up on the (embarrassingly) ugly eyes with about the skill level I had as a 12 year old, I started on the Dwayna lineart, and I've decided to draw her in a semi realistic comical style, because it'll suite better when the image is small (which it will be inside the eyes). I love hippy women, and I find that the Dwayna mesh has pretty nice hips, so I intentionally mad them a bit hippy, and it does appear more obvious with the pose of her upper body being slightly tilted backwards.

For some reason I find that Dwayna's face looks a bit like my older sister beautified. The body type is nowhere near resembling each other though.

I'm gonna colour it later and also make the package/gift that she's gonna "hold" floating in her hands. But first; practice drawing Grenth and make new eyes.

I'm jumping a bit in between the different parts of drawing, but I feel that I need to do that while I'm processing how to make the other things better.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First entry!

Hi and welcome to my progress gallery (in a blog form)!

I will post all steps of making the image "Wintersday Spirit In Her Eyes".

First off I just want to tell you about my idea and thoughts about the entry. I was sketching on a pair of realistic styled eyes and got the idea that you could draw Dwayna in it, and then I figured you could just make it a pair and put Grenth in the other eye.

I made a quick sketch with pen on paper that turned out pretty good, and then I decided to take it on digitally as I need to practice that.

When I had gotten this far into the ide/planning stage I put it up as an entry in the Wintersday Workshop.